We met Sue, Jon and son Chris at Morotai Island in Indonesia.  On a lagoon tour when we had fresh coconut snacks, Sue mentioned this quick and unusual appetizer.  She recommended we go to their website: http://hackingfamily.com/ to find the recipe.  We are grateful for this interesting addition to Our Galley.

Sue Muller Hacking:

I first heard about this in the 1980's, but can't remember the origin. It continues to be yummy, if not a bit rich! It's great as a sundowner snack with drinks on the aft deck. Made with coconut, but with the surprising taste of popcorn! This was a big hit with fellow cruisers in Chagos, a group of uninhabited, but well-coconut-ed, islands in the Indian Ocean!

Crack a fresh coconut (being careful not to spill the water on your clothes or deck, as it stains brown). Pry the coconut meat out of the shell with a dull knife, then cut into popcorn-size pieces.

In a saucepan or skillet heat light olive or vegetable oil.  Sauté the coconut until light brown.  Salt to taste.  Serve immediately.