Ninigo Islands, Papua New Guinea

from Helge and Jane of SV Coquelicot and John Stokes - all aerial shots courtesy of John



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Ninigo Islands

have lost their industry but the people of Ninigo cling to their home islands and live simple lives. They are known for their warmth and hospitality, despite their modest means. The following aerial pictures will give you an idea of the beauty and isolation of this place.

Mal Island

is the largest island.

Mal's Eastern End



Pahanat, Longan and Meman

Pingilap, Taling and Xau

Pingilap, Taling and Amot, Longan and Meman



Longan Island

Is part of Ninigo Atoll which lies hundreds of miles off mainland Papua New Guinea. The people who live here have little contact with the world outside as they have no service vessels that visit and they must travel over 200 nm to the nearest supply center.


with friends Helge and Jane visited in October of 2015 on their honeymoon cruise. They fell in love with the island and its people.

The Beautiful People

of Ninigo live simple lives.


still use traditional sailing canoes, though the material of their sails is now plastic tarp rather than the traditional pandanus. These canoes also use copper nails for reinforcement. A canoe regatta is held each year in August.

The Children

of Ninigo have little but thankfully do have a school with dedicated teachers.

Because of Their Remote Location

simple injuries go untreated and can lead to serious complications. Jane made a trip each day to town to seek out those needing care.

Jane and Helge

became a part of the community


is scarce so Jane and Helge's "market" brought villagers who paid the small prices.

The Used

clothing the villagers acquired were treasures to them.

The Little

money collected was donated to the local school.

The School

year concluded with a ceremony during which the children performed dances.